Funding for Adaptive Projects


  • APS4Math Project: The adaptive problem solving system was independently designed and developed by a team of researchers (Fethi A. Inan, Fatih Ari, and Raymond Flores). APS4Math is currently funded by Next Generation Learning Challenges to be implemented in local high schools in 2011-2012. This grant has allowed our research team to incorporate our tutorial, << >>, into high school and junior high school math classrooms to increase students’ math state test scores and algebra word problem-solving skills.

  • 4Steps Adaptive Math Tutorial: The adaptive research team (Raymond Flores, Fatih Ari, & Fethi A. Inan) built a prototype of 4-steps word problem solving tutorial to explore the application of adaptive practice and support for teaching algebra problem solving. The research team developed and evaluated a pilot version of adaptive math problem solving practice for high school students. Later, an internal grant was secured (College of Education Texas Tech University, 2010-2011) to investigate the use of multimedia feedback and evaluate the effectiveness of the adaptive feedback options within the tutorial.

  • AdaptiveSTAT project: This project was supported by an internal grant (College of Education Texas Tech University,2007-2008). Through the first grant, Dr. Inan created an adaptive research team to examine how the design of content could be adapted (based on student characteristics) to teach undergraduate students introductory statistics (probability). This grant allowed us to develop a validated framework for how adaptive methods could be matched with student characteristics.